Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tuesday, April 10

Happy Birthday to our cousin Mikayla!

Benjamin is now on antibiotics because his incision from surgery is red and inflamed. They think that he may have an infection so they started him on antibiotics right away. He was desatting a lot today. His oxygen level is up to between 45 & 50% at 40 breaths per minute. He wasn’t really crying a lot or anything- just laying there sleeping a lot which is actually scarier than if he was active. He now weighs 1105 grams.

Kyle was doing good today. He let his opinion be known when I was holding him. The nurse put him in a snuggly (a purple thick blanket with Velcro). He kept desatting down to 68 – 70 (supposed to be above 86). I then asked her if I could wrap him in a yellow blanket that I have since he liked that yesterday. As soon as I did that his oxygen saturation went up to 95, which is excellent. So we found out that he does NOT like the snuggly. He does like to be cuddled by Mom though. We got to cuddle for an hour and then he had to go back in his isolette. Kyle’s blood tests came back and he does not have an infection. His temperature was better today but he was still a little pale. He weighs 1110 grams now.

Here are some pictures from yesterday:

Kyle with his yellow blanket that he loves and his hat that is way too big.

Kyle wide-awake while I'm holding him

Kyle- so cute:)

I hope to get some of Benjamin when he's feeling a bit better.

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evelyn van egdom said...

Kyle is hilarious!! What a 'boofer' :) Glad to hear your boys are rather stubborn & opinionated too!!

I hope Benjamin gets better soon so that you can spend some quality snuggling time with him too.