Monday, March 5, 2007

Wednesday, February 28

Kyle likes to stretch a lot.

Kyle often puts his fingers to his mouth.

Benjamin with Mommy "cuddling" him.


Kyle was active again today. He kept setting the monitor off because he was moving so much. He weighs 630 grams now (up 30g from yesterday). It’s great to see him stretching and moving. He had his eyes open for a little bit but mostly slept.

Benjamin is getting a bit more active now. He had his eyes open today. He has the chest tube back in as there is a buildup of air around his lungs again. They are going to try close this in the next couple of days. He is finished sun tanning for his jaundice- at least for now, as he may be put back under the light if he has a rebound. They are hoping to increase his feedings to 2 ml every 4 hours. They’re also hoping to put another long line in tonight.

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