Monday, March 5, 2007

Thursday, March 1

Mommy, Daddy & Kyle

Mommy finally holding Kyle!!!!

Daddy got to hold him too.

Benjamin holding Daddy's finger.

Tonight I got to hold Kyle for the first time:) It was so special!!!! He was wrapped up tight in lots of blankets and I could only seeing his face peeking out. He kept looking up at me. The nurse said I could hold him for five minutes but he was doing so good that she let me hold him for forty-five minutes. Then Daddy got to hold him for fifteen minutes. This was the best early birthday present ever.

I can’t wait to hold Benjamin. I think he was a little jealous. They took his chest tube out while we were there. He also started fighting the ventilator but soon calmed down.

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Jewel Bug said...

I am so excited you have been able to hold Kyle, you both look so proud! I love the picture of Benjamin holding Greg's finger, that is priceless! Your boys are more than blessed to have you two as parents. Thanks for the pictures and updates.