Monday, March 5, 2007

Tuesday, February 27

Today the boys were doing fairly well. There are still concerns but today was what we call a good day.

Benjamin’s weight is still 730 grams, very tiny, but he’s growing. The long line wasn’t working well and his chest was an orangey color so they had to pull it out and put an IV in his leg. He is getting fed now- 1 ml of breast milk every 4 hours. His oxygen was at 21% (room air) when I got there but had to be put up to 40% when I left because of nurses handling him. He doesn’t like to be handled much and they are trying to wean him off this ventilator but he’s not liking it much.

Kyle was very active today. The whole time I was there he had his eyes open. Every so often he’d shut them and then peek out as if to see if I was still there. He weighs 600 grams right now, not as much as Benjamin but Kyle likes to move a lot. His feedings have stopped again as they are giving him medication to close his ductus or PDA. His kidneys are now good enough for this medication. They are giving it to him for 3 days and then seeing how he is. He will get his nutrition through IV for now.

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