Friday, November 23, 2012

OK Falls

A few weeks ago we went to OK Falls for a few days!!  It was a great time!!  We just relaxed, went for walks, played games, watched videos, and played at the park.  Some of my favorite memories from this trip:

-On the way there we saw a car flipped upside down in the ditch against the mountain.  The next day Kyle asked if he could pray after our meal and this is part of what he said: "Thank you God for the car in the ditch when we drove here."  No praying for the people who were in the car...
-Monday morning we woke up to everything covered in white so we got all their warm clothes on, their snowsuits etc on and went downstairs to build a snowman.  I was thankful that I had thought to bring our box of winter gear.  Except Benjamin did not like the snow so he went in the stroller for a walk with daddy.
-Going for walks along the Kettle Valley Railway.  Again I was thankful I had brought all our winter gear since it was VERY cold with the wind.

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