Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kyle's First Day of KG

He woke up this morning and excitedly told me he's going to Kindergarten.  We had a special breakfast for his first day of school- cinnamon buns:)  He ate about 3/4 of his cinnamon bun, drank his orange juice and ate his vitamin and then told me he was full.  He went to the bathroom to get dressed and came out a preppy boy:)   Then to get his lunch and backpack and shoes on and wait for the bus.  Daddy came home to see him off but when he went to hug Kyle he was told "Don't touch me Dad!! You'll get me all dirty!!!" We took lots of pictures on the front step.  We didn't get any on the bus since he was too excited and just ran onto the bus.  I didn't even get a wave good bye.  My little boy is growing up so fast!! How can he be going to Kindergarten already?

And home again:)

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