Sunday, July 8, 2012

Last night we had a Kanis family bbq at my sis-in-law's place in the States.  Yesterday morning was a bit of a panic since I went to get our passports ready and could not find them ANYWHERE!!! We searched our house from top to bottom, phoned Gary's mom, phoned my mom.  But my mom wasn't home.  So I left her a message and she called me as soon as she got home.  She asked me if I had taken them out of her vehicle. So I raced over there and sure enough they were in her glove compartment.  PHEW!!!  We had taken her vehicle to Harrison when we went a few weeks ago and the last day decided to go to Bellingham and apparently we left them in her glove compartment.  So after 4 hours of searching everywhere we finally found them and could go to the bbq.  I was so relieved.

The bbq was a blast.  Kyle & Devon had a great time kissing and feeding the calves.  Benjamin thought it was great that he had so much room to scoot around.  He also loved using their skateboard.  He sat on it and went back and forth on it in their shop.  We also got a family picture for the first time in a while:)

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Nice pictures!!