Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A sensitive soul

The other night at dinner Kyle had a lot of questions about the Bible Story we read.  It was about prayer and how we can pray to God wherever we are.  He asked where God is and we responded that He is everywhere but Kyle adamantly said that He is in heaven.  He asked if he could go to heaven and we told him that if he believes in Jesus and believes that Jesus died for him he would go to heaven.  He asked how he would get there...  Would a plane take him?  Could he climb a ladder?  We responded that God would take him up to heaven.  Then he asked if he could go now?  We just about started crying.  We didn't really know what to say. We said that we hoped he wouldn't go to heaven right now because we wanted him with us a little longer.  (A little selfish I know.)  Then he started crying and saying he was scared of heaven and didn't want to go there right now.  He said he was scared of God and that God is scary.  So then we had to explain that God is very nice and try calm him down.  Oh the mind of a child, especially one that has a lot of questions.  Sometimes we feel inadequate as parents trying to answer all the questions he has!

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