Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Today we went to meet Kyle's kindergarten teachers and possibly Benjamin's.  It was so great to go to the school and see my kids excited about going to KG.  Kyle and Benjamin have both connected with the teachers already:)  I'm still nervous about sending my kids to school and how they will do etc but I'm sure that comes with them being the first to go to school.  But it was great to go there today and see how Benjamin and Kyle both loved being there.  We showed them the rest of the school and the playground as well.  

The reason why I say that the teachers may possibly be Benjamin's is that we haven't been given the ok yet from his respirologist to send him to school.  That decision will be made in late August.  But if the ok isn't given then school will come to us:)  It may be that he will be allowed to go part of the year and then stay home during the cold & flu season.  We just don't want what happened last year to happen again.

I should have brought my camera to take a few pictures but totally didn't think of it.  So you'll have to wait till Kyle's preschool graduation for some pictures:)


Anonymous said...

Exciting Greta! Hope that everything will come together for your boys (and you :) )
love Elena

Martin and Wieska said...

Kindergarten!!! Wow :) Super exciting for all of you (aside from the nervousness, that I think is to be expected). Hope it all goes really good!