Monday, January 30, 2012

This morning Benjamin seems to be doing a bit better. In rounds they talked about starting to wean a bit more aggressively but the head doctor who knows Benjamin from last year thankfully vetoed that idea. He then asked us what we thought and we agreed with him. If we push Benjamin too hard it usually back fires. This is the first day he seems to be doing ok. His pressures are still very high but his oxygen has come down to 40%. Although when he is awake his saturations are worse this morning. Which is a little weird because it is usually the opposite for him. This morning he was also in a bit better of a mood for a little while. He would slowly move his foot toward us, we'd tickle it and then he quickly move it back and then after a little while he would slowly move it to us again. We did this over & over for a few minutes and then he tired out. It will be a slow go for a bit still but at least he seems to have squeaked by without needing the ventilator. The doctors are pretty optimistic about that. But they also say that he's in the ICU for a reason and that things can happen.

Please pray for peace for Benjamin and also pray for all the other sick kids who are in the ICU. It's hard seeing so many sick kids. Kids should not have to go through this and be used to the medical equipment!

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