Sunday, January 29, 2012

Benjamin had a rough night. He was very agitated and his oxygen requirements went up to 80% and they also increased his pressures. They are trying very hard to keep him off the ventilator as if he is put on a ventilator he could be on it for weeks and it would be a very long hospital stay again. We found out this morning that they are quite concerned about this cold since the virus is in the same family as RSV. This morning when we came we thought his bi-pap mask was irritating him as it was partly in his mouth. Since Benjamin has reflux he absolutely hates anything in his mouth unless he puts it there himself. We let them know this and they took the mask off and put it back on again and instantly he calmed down and fell asleep for a bit. He is doing much better this morning oxygen wise. He is currently down to 55%. They are cautiously optimisitic right now that he might be able to pull through this without being vented. They are trying their very best to do everything not to vent him. It would be better for Benjamin if he can squeak through this just on the higher pressures on the bi-pap. Then it would only mean a week or two in the hospital instead of a month or two. He hasn't slept good since Thursday night so if he doesn't settle to sleep they are planning on giving him some chloral to put him to sleep. Please pray that he would settle to sleep and have some peace. It's hard to see him so agitated. We are praying that he will continue to be able to avoid the vent. Yesterday our prayers were answered as he was minutes away from being vented and started to improve. Thank you God! Thank you for all your prayers and support.

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