Friday, June 3, 2011

This morning we all went for a walk with the nurse. Devon was in the stroller, Kyle walked, and Benjamin went in his walker:) Benjamin actually made it around the whole big block, to the park and then back home!! This is a huge accomplishment for him. This is what he did before he went into the hospital so I wanted to see if he could still do it. He actually wanted to keep going but it was lunchtime so we had to get back home. It's amazing that about 2 months ago he wasn't supposed to live and now I'm amazed at how far he's come even since he came home. On the way home from the walk Benjamin was dragging his feet and trying to turn his walker around because he wanted to keep going:) We'll definitely have to do that again soon!


Tim and Alice said...

amazing...great job B!

Barb Delviken said...

Wonderful NEWS..... God is an AWESOME God!

Sounds like the old Benjamin is back - YAY!!!!
So HAPPY to hear that LIFE at the Kanis home is going good and everyone is doing well :)

Thanks for posting Greta and I hope you all ENJOY the BEAUTIFUL weather the next few days!!

Michelle Vandepol said...

very cool