Friday, June 3, 2011

Actually written Thursday June 2

Haven't really known what to post lately. I need to start taking more pictures but I find things happen so quickly that I can't get the camera.

Benjamin is doing really well right now. He starting to scoot faster & faster. He's been getting into all kinds of trouble this week which is good to see because it's quite normal. For example, I've had to put a latch on our lid drawer because he likes to take all the lids out and then scoot on them. I guess it goes faster that way. However, he's broken a few lids that way! He hasn't been out in his walker much since the weather hasn't been cooperating and he likes wide, open space for that. Right now I'm working on getting a physio routine going. I've just been letting him adjust to being at home and doing his own thing but now it's time for him to do a bit of work. He's been taking his oxygen off a lot during the day. A lot of the time the cord gets stuck on something and I'll find him in a different room without it. But it seems like he may not need it soon. This morning I put his nose prongs in but forgot to turn the concentrator (a machine that pulls oxygen from the air) on so he was without oxygen for about an hour. When I realized it I checked his saturations and they were at 95%. So we've decided to switch him to tanks of oxygen and put him at 1/4 L. We can't put him on the concentrator since it is only reliable at 1/2L-5L. So we'll be going through a few tanks now. But we are so happy with how Benjamin is doing!!

This morning I got told by Kyle’s teacher at preschool that he’s much sparklier since Benjamin came home. Kyle has been doing very good. He now learnt the whole Lord’s Prayer- well, a few sections he has a bit wrong but he does a great job. He loves to pray with mom at the breakfast table. He’s been going in the backyard or on the patio a lot when it’s not raining. He loves to play outside!

Devon is getting to be a handful!! He is a very strong willed child at times:) He likes to take his toys and hit Benjamin with them. Or if Benjamin is laying on the floor he’ll climb all over him. He’s definitely a character. Devon loves to go for walks outside. He’s been cutting 8 teeth lately (4 molars & 4 eyeteeth) so he’s a bit cranky. Today he was hanging over my legs this morning and when we went for a walk he was quite happy to be outside:) He still likes to cuddle when he has his bottle which I am very thankful for since I’ve heard of some kids stopping that already at 6 months. But that is the only time I can get him to cuddle since he is so active.

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