Friday, March 4, 2011

It's amazing the changes that can happen from day to day within the ICU. Benjamin seems to be doing much better than he was yesterday. He still isn't as good as he was 3 days ago but there isn't the hopeless feeling that we had yesterday. His O2 is still set at 60% but he is satting much better. They have given him a lot of lasix infusions to dry him out and now that is working too well. So they have cut back a bit since they also don't want to stress out his kidneys if they don't have to. They are also changing his feeds to make them more concentrated so that he will get less fluid that way too. They have also found out that he has a strep infection in his bloodstream so he is being treated with antibiotics for this. This is not good news but it may explain why he went downhill so much in the last couple days.

We feel much more at peace today as he is doing much better than yesterday. But at the same time we know that there will be more steps backward in the future. The emotional rollercoaster is really hard on us as one day we may get bad news and the next, good news. Thanks for all your prayers for all of us.


Anonymous said...

Thanks again for updating us .Glad to hear that Benjamin is doing better again. It must be very hard on you all as it goes up and down.We are all asking and praying for a miracle to happen. We know that the Lord is all powerful.And may it be His Will that Benjamin health be restored. We will remember you all before Gods Throne for strength and healing .Love Dad and Eleanore

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord that you are feeling peace today and that Benjamin is doing a little better,now that they know another thing that is going on with his little body. our prayers are with you always.

Eileen said...

Happy to hear things are a little better today. The power of prayer is amazing. We hope that you and Gary are getting some rest also. Sending all of you,
extra strength,love,hugs and support.
Love, Eileen and Doug Gunn

Tim and Alice said...

SO good to hear.
Enjoy your much needed time away from the hospital today.
hugs & kisses, Benjamin. Love you to bits and pieces.