Saturday, March 5, 2011

Benjamin is still doing good. They have been able to wean his O2 down to 50% overnight. They are planning on getting rid of lasix since it is doing bad things to his bicarb. They are also planning on slowing down on the diurectics since they don't want his kidneys to start failing. It's all a balancing act. They want him to be quite dry since that helps his lungs but they also don't want to wreck his kidneys. He seems very comfortable this morning. Another thing that happened was that in rounds our nurse Todd mentioned that the G-tube needed to be changed. The charge nurse said "who does that?" To which Todd answered that we would do it. Then everyone laughed and said that it is really family centered care since we know how to do something that a lot of them don't. We had to laugh at that. It feels good to be able to actually do something for Benjamin. His G-tube was actually due to be changed right before he ended up in the hospital and it is starting to look like it really has to be changed now. So I'll be changing it sometime next week when they can actually get a new kit for me.

Happy 1st Birthday to my little boy, Devon!!! I can't believe he is a year already! I'm looking forward to Devon & Kyle coming today and if all things go well today, us coming home for the weekend. I can't wait to give the birthday boy a great big hug!!! And we have some special things planned for Kyle as well:) Shhhh.... it's a surprise!! I'll have to tell you about it later.


Anonymous said...

Thanks again for your effort to keep us updated. Also good to hear that Benjamin is doing well. Praise the Lord for a miracle again. Even when at times it seems hopeless we trust that the Lord will heal him. We wish Devon a Happy Birthday and the Lords Blessings. Give a Big Hug to him from us .Have a wonderful day with you're boys and loved ones. Love Dad and Eleanore.

Tim and Alice said...

Happy Birthday Devon! (Cant believe he's 1 already!!)
Glad you can have more relaxed moments in the ICU too. Have fun with your boys today!
and sweet dreams in your OWN bed tonight. I'm sure it will feel like a million bucks :)

love, us

Eileen said...

Were so glad Benjamin is doing better. So nice amidst the medical chatter that some smiles and laughter can be had. Enjoy your time with birthday boy Devon and Kyle today. Hugs and prayers, Eileen and Doug

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Devon! Glad to hear that you can do something for Benjamin. Praying always.

Anonymous said...

*Smiles!* M Pronk Family