Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Yesterday we went to the pumpkin patch as a preschool field trip. We first went on a hayride. Benjamin had a great time on the hayride but as soon as it stopped he was not impressed. Kyle wasn’t too sure about the hayride at first. They had steps up to the wagon and when the lady took them away Kyle started crying. I explained to him that the tractor was going to pull the wagon and he was ok with that. He then enjoyed it and was talking about the tractor for quite a while. Devon just sat in his car seat and smiled at everyone.

When we got to the pumpkin patch it was very mucky so Benjamin could not go in his walker. So his helper carried him. I helped Benjamin pick out a pumpkin. He wasn’t too sure about it. I think he wanted to go back on the hayride. Then I helped Kyle pick out a pumpkin but when it came time for him to hold it he promptly put it down since it made his hands dirty. The teacher was kind enough to hold Devon for me (I think she just wanted snuggles & smiles).

Then we went back on the wagon and had a ride back to the barn where we got to see some animals. Benjamin just wanted to walk around in his crocodile. We saw cows, calves, chickens, horses, & a turkey. Kyle even got to give a bottle to a calf.


Betty said...

you are very brave to take all those little ones out on a field trip! wow! I just went on my first one last week. :)

Greta and Gary said...

Thankfully Benjamin has a support worker so that was a big help. And Devon was great the entire time. And Kyle was good too.