Monday, September 20, 2010

A Great Day:)

I’m having an especially great day today so I thought I’d tell you about it. Benjamin & Kyle were playing nicely together all morning- getting into things they shouldn’t a couple times but that’s better than them fighting/yelling at each other. Because of this, I got all my tasks accomplished- laundry caught up, dinner prepped (ham in crockpot, potatoes & onion cut up for scalloped potatoes, carrots cut up for the side), e-mails replied to, immunization schedule for preschool, bills all paid, laundry all folded & put away, bathroom cleaned, phone call made to Catelli, & kitchen floor dry-mopped. So I have this afternoon free to play with the boys once they wake up:)

I loved opening the mail today:) In it was a envelope full of coupons from Now I can go to London Drugs and stack all my coupons for free stuff. There was also an envelope from Minute Rice. A couple weeks ago I phoned them because I had bought Brown Minute Rice (trying to be healthy). However, it would not cook for me. I followed the instructions exactly but it was disgusting because it was not fully cooked. I did this twice thinking I had done it wrong the first time but the same thing happened. So I phoned them up and they said they would send me some coupons in the mail. Today I received the envelope and it had 2 free product coupons for Minute Rice- any variety, any size. So I being Dutch am going to buy the biggest size of course. Score!!! And today I decided to phone Catelli since I bought their Healthy Harvest Pasta and it wouldn’t cook as well. And they said they’d send me some coupons. So I get to look forward to receiving those coupons as well. I guess it pays to complain about a product that doesn’t cook properly.

And now I’m sitting here relaxing while one kid is watching Praise Baby & the other 2 are sleeping.

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