Saturday, August 7, 2010

cinnamon buns

Mmmmm..... just finished making cinnamon buns for the first time since Home Ec. which was a long time ago. I won't even tell you how long ago;) They turned out delicious! We have a family tradition to have cinnamon buns every Sunday morning (except when I forget to buy them) which has been passed along from my mother. We've been trying different cinnamon buns from different stores but haven't quite found one that we really like so I decided to try making them with Mom K's recipe. It was so easy. Plus we have enough for 3 Sundays so I only have to make them every 3 weeks. Unless, of course, they get snooped in between;) But they were so easy to make. I'll have to double it next time though, now that I know how to make them.


Kathy VanMuyen said...

The cinnamon buns look delicious!!
Will need the recipe for those please!!

Annie Slingerland said...

Wow! Do those cinnamon buns ever look good. Makes my mouth water.