Sunday, August 1, 2010

Benjamin's singing

Yesterday morning Benjamin slept in till 8:30. Kyle & Devon had been up for a while already so unfortunately we didn't get to sleep in. Well, at around 8:30 I heard some noise coming from Benjamin's bedroom and stood outside the door to see if he was awake. What I heard was VERY surprising to me- "Bob the builder, can we fix it" Yes, that was what Benjamin was singing!! Kyle sings this all the time since this is his favorite dvd to watch. But I had never heard Benjamin sing it or even say the words. Amazing what he picks up. Then in the afternoon I asked him to come to me and he said "no". That's another word he just picked up. I thought it was very cute at the time but I'm sure it won't be cute for long;) He is doing amazing in his speech progress. Every time we are amazed to hear different words coming out of his mouth.

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LeanneO said...

Way to go, Benjamin! Those are great surprises aren't they?

the pool looks wonderful!