Monday, April 26, 2010

Brotherly Love

We just started taking Benjamin & Kyle to church a few weeks ago:) They've been enjoying the toddler room and had no problem getting used to it. However, when Benjamin goes in the gym after church he often "shuts off" because he is too overwhelmed. Yesterday he was doing this for the first little bit and then he wanted to go down from my arms. He just sat on the floor and Kyle saw this. So Kyle proceeded to sit down right beside him, start scooting and said "Benjamin come". So Benjamin followed Kyle and they were both scooting across the gym having a grand old time. It was so neat to see. It's almost as if Kyle knew that Benjamin was overwhelmed.


Robert Sandra said...

That is very precious!

Anonymous said...

Greta - We have gone through this a little bit with Hayden as has gotten much much better. It is nice that he has Kyle...that probably helps him a lot. Glad to hear things are progressing along!