Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Funny thing happened today:) I was getting a snack for Kyle & myself and was looking in the pantry at what to have when Kyle found a tin. I looked inside and found chocolate from my secret pal that I had forgotten about. So I gave Kyle a bite & had a bite myself. Then we had watermelon for a snack. A little while later Kyle came up to me and said "more". I asked him what he wanted more of and he did the sign for cheerios. I told him that he had cheerios on the table still but he said "no, Ma, more". So I told him to take my hand and show me what he wanted. He went to the pantry, so I opened up the door for him. He promptly found the tin and gave it to me to open and said "more". So we had another bite of yummy chocolate. I just thought this was so cute, so I had to share it:)

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Heather from Ontario Canada said...

Who doesn't like chocolate :)