Friday, May 15, 2009

First I want to go back to the May 1st weekend. John & Sheena & their kids stayed here for the weekend and then we babysat their kids while they went to a wedding. I just wanted to post a picture that I took while they were gone to the wedding.

Enjoying their popcorn twists:)

For Mother’s Day we went to Mom Kanis in the morning for lunch. She always makes such great lunches:) Mom Kanis is such a helpful person. I don’t know what we’d do without her in our lives. She’s always ready & willing to babysit Kyle when we have an appt with Benjamin at Children’s. We love you Mom. In the afternoon we went to Mom Hansma. Our get togethers are always filled with lots of laughter. Except this time, Kyle decided to take off on us and run to the road. Now my mom lives on a very busy street. He got to the sidewalk before Uncle Tim caught up with him. He even had cars/trucks slowing down since they didn’t know what he would do. What a monkey!!! Anyway, back to Mom Hansma. She is such a great mom. Always there for advice. And ready & willing to come watch Kyle at night when we get a nurse for Benjamin. Love ya lots Mom.

I also was very blessed on Mother’s Day. Benjamin and Kyle got me a beautiful planter for on our front step. I am very blessed to have two beautiful boys. I also have a very supportive & helping husband, Gary who is always there with a helping hand. He is always willing to make dinner when I’ve had a rough day and haven’t even had time to figure out dinner, helps with putting the boys to bed, doesn’t mind when I go out for an evening even though it’s a lot more work for him- putting the boys to bed by himself, etc. I love you Gary.

Benjamin has pneumonia again this week. We were wondering why his oxygen was up so high for the past 2 weeks so took him in to see a Chilliwack pediatrician and he was given antibiotics. I’m glad that there’s a good reason for oxygen being so high. Hopefully he gets better quickly.

Yesterday, Kyle was playing nicely on one side of the kitchen & Benjamin on the other when all of a sudden Kyle got up, walked to Benjamin, gave him a kiss, and then went back to what he was doing. I thought it was so cute!!! Sometimes I’d like to get in his mind and see what he is thinking.

I was playing the piano yesterday and Benjamin was sitting on the other side of the room. He quickly let himself down and skootched over to the piano where he just laid at my feet.

More words Kyle is saying:

-cheerios (signs as well)
-Grandpa (comes out more like Papa)
-hi there

And a few more pictures:

Kyle enjoying a licky when I was baking
Uncle Tim pulling Benjamin to the park

Auntie Ali walking with Kyle

Benjamin enjoying the slide

Kyle running on the grass
Our family:)

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LeanneM said...

Beautiful family picture :) I'm envying the KFC a bit! Yummy treat, isn't it?