Monday, November 24, 2008

Benjamin is now home from the hospital:) This does not mean he is all the way better though. He is still a sick little boy, fighting viral pneumonia. The doctor just thought that he was on his way to getting better and shouldn't have a relapse so he sent us home with antibiotics, ventolin & pulmicort. Benjamin is still on 2L but he is doing much better on this amount of oxygen.

We're just hoping Benjamin's oxygen comes down soon. The week before he got pneumonia, Benjamin was doing 3 hours of no oxygen per day. We were quite excited about this as this was a start to him being off oxygen. For those of you who don't know much about how a baby comes off oxygen- this is how it works: first he will start with a couple hours during the day of no oxygen, then it will gradually be a few more hours, and then it will be just while he's sleeping that he needs oxygen, and then eventually he'll come off altogether. They do still leave the oxygen in the house for a while until he gets a cold and doesn't need oxygen while he has the cold. So it is a long process, not just him all of a sudden not needing oxygen.

It was really hard seeing Benjamin so sick. It reminded me of the days in the NICU. He was just so lethargic. All we could do is sit by his bed since he didn't even want to be held.Today Benjamin was a bit more playful but he still slept a lot. He is just so tired- poor guy. It’s good to see him playing a bit again though.

Since Benjamin has viral pneumonia, Kyle is still not allowed at home since Benjamin is still contagious. He is coming home late Thursday so we're looking forward to seeing him again. It will be nice to have our life back to normal.

Having his nebs

Wearing a mask since that is the only
thing that would keep his sats up.

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Anonymous said...

Hearing about your Benjamin, brings tears to my eyes...I have followed your story from just after the boys were born...It is so hard to watch and be unable to fix things when our children are hurting or sick...Have faith that this to is for a reason. I am praying for you and your sons...You are blessed with amazing children and they are blessed with a strong mother. Never forget that, you are strong and the love you have for your children is evident in your words...I wish you all the happiness you can handle and pray that things will improve greatly for you all.