Friday, June 8, 2007

Good News!

Good news!!!! Dr. Lam (the ophthalmologist) checked Benjamin’s eyes again today. He said that the results are just short of miraculous. His eyes are better and he doesn’t need any more surgery for now. He is going to keep a close eye on Benjamin’s eyes. I think it is a miracle. We were really struggling with whether we made the right decision or not but it seems we did. Thanks for all your prayers for Benjamin. Keep on praying that his eyes will continue to stay good and that his lungs will continue to improve. Benjamin is still on low flow but has gone up in his oxygen requirements. He is now at 800 ccs of low flow nasal prongs. He is still breathing fast- 100 to 120 breaths a minute usually. For those of you who work in nursing, you’ll know that this is fast even for babies. They have put Benjamin on a new drug to help his lungs. He is getting chubbier cheeks now and starting to look more and more like Kyle. I can still tell them apart though so that is good.

Kyle’s eyes are also fine right now. Dr. Lam is just going to continue keeping a close eye on Kyle’s eyes. Kyle is still growing and trying to get his feeding on track. Once he does that he can come home. I’m both excited and a little nervous. We took a child CPR course so that made me feel a little bit better. However, I’m so used to the monitors that they’ll have to wean me off them.


Anonymous said...

That is such exciting news at Benjamin's eyes!!! Praise Him! I will pray for your family as you guys soon will reach another milestone-both awesome and scary-Kyle's coming home! Thanks for continuing these updates. Even though I haven't met you, I know exactly how to pray for you as a fellow family member in Christ.

Betty Hansma said...

What great news! God really hears and answers prayer!!! We will continue to pray for your family, looking forward to when you can all be home together. :)