Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Pictures- finally!

Both boys are doing good. I just thought I’d upload some pictures for you to see how much they’ve grown.
May 18- getting as close as possible to each other.

May 22- Benjamin saying stop after his bath because he was cold and didn't like getting dressed.
May 22- Auntie Ali holding Benjamin for the first time. Notice the gown. Benjamin is actually on high flo so no one but the parents are supposed to hold but Robert was on. However, he did make her wear a gown. Her new fashion statement.

May 24- Kyle sucking his hand while Mommy's holding him.

May 25- Grandma Hansma holding Benjamin for the first time.

May 27- Daddy holding both his boys.

May 28- Mommy holding her sons.

May 30- Benjamin having his first bottle from Daddy.
June 5- Benjamin going for surgery in a carbed on top of a stretcher.

June 9- Grandpa Kanis holding Kyle for the first time.

June 9- Great-Grandma Kanis came to the hospital for the first time and even got to hold Kyle. What a treat! He slept through it all.

June 10- Benjamin sucking his thumb.


Andrea Devisser said...

Awesome pictures Greta! It's great to see them both getting SO big!!! ((hugs)) :)

Jewel Bug said...

They are looking cuter than ever! We are so thrilled at how healthy and big they are getting. Thank you for being so faithful and posting pictures, we love to watch your family grow and flourish, God is nothing short of amazing! All our love

Adrian, Liz and Jewel Bug

Anonymous said...

Wow, your boys are getting so big. Praise the Lord!

Christine, Benj, and fam

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures Greta!! Keep them coming!!

Karen Vriezen & Kevin Dykstra

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are amazing! I cannot believe how BIG they are both getting! Thanks for sharing with us!
Jen, Mark, Evan & Hayleigh

Betty Hansma said...

Thanks, Greta! ;) You're right: they really do look alike now!

tim and inge said...

What amazing little boys you have!!! Such cute faces and awesome little features. You have travelled a long road and like the poem "Footprints", there are times when God carried both you and your little family. We serve a mighty God and He is greatly to be praised. Rejoicing with you both!

Anonymous said...

Your boys are beautiful. They are getting so big, and its nice to get to see that even though i am not going through this with you. Greta you look really good in those pics, looks like you are taking everything in stride, good for you. Glad to hear that they are doing so well. Cant wait to see them in person.
Take Care of each other.
Kim Burkett

Anonymous said...

Wow, what great pictures, Greta and Gary!!! I have the first one as my screen saver - always reminding me of God's little miracles. So BIG and loving each other so much already. What an awesome GOD we serve!! Thanks for the pictures and for keeping us up to date.

Lydia, Gerald and girls.

Aunt Martha said...

It is special to see the pictures of Benjamin and Kyle. Gary and Greta I am so thankful to hear that the boys are doing good and especially that the surgery went so well for Benjamin. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Love Aunt Martha

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to hear that the boys are getting stronger! They are truly beautiful.

I've been wondering - are they identical or fraternal?

Kristine, Geoff and Brett

Anonymous said...

I was wondering the same thing actually. Identical?

I think Benjamin is saying with his little wave. "Hey everyone. Thanks so much for your prayers You guys are great" :)

Every once in a while I peek back to one of the first pictures of that tiny little hand grasping Greta's finger. Totally incredible~~~What an awsome God we serve.

Heather from Ontario