Thursday, March 8, 2007

Wednesday, March 7

Kyle still looks unhappy but not as bad as yesterday. They took his picc line out (an IV that runs from his arm to an area near his heart), as they’re not sure if that is the source of infection. His platelets were low again during the night and they had to give him a third transfusion. They tested his platelets again in the afternoon and they came back good. His head ultrasound that he had on Monday also came back normal with no bleeds so that is an answer to prayer. He weighs 695 grams (up 35g). This is a little more of a weight gain than they’d like to see but they said it’s ok. Kyle’s PDA opened again so they are going to have to do another round of medication in a couple of days. Kyle made a present for Mommy & Daddy today (with the help of the nurse). He made a card with his footprints and one of his handprints. It is so cute! Kyle’s nurse told Benjamin’s nurse that she’d have to do the same or Benjamin would be jealous so we’re hoping Benjamin gets to make a card too.

Benjamin was quite stable today. They’re still not sure if he has an infection so they put a catheter in and want to test his urine again. They heard a mild murmur from the PDA but the medication could still work. Benjamin weighs 685 grams (up 5 g).


Jewel Bug said...


Owen's Mama said...


I just found your blog from Jewel's blog. And i haven;t stopped cryimg since I started reading. You are so strong! I'll continue to check back here to see how your boys are doing.

- Amy, Gabe, and Owen

hcmommy said...

Wow, i wish i knew what to say to you to make things easier on you. You are an amazingly strong women. I can not imgaine what you and your family are going through.
Your boys are beautiful, try to keep your spirits up.

~Kim Burkett

Lydia Langbroek said...

Gary and Greta:

Thank you so much for starting this blog. Check it every day - sometimes more than once. Forgive my ignorance but what is a PDA? :)
Janessa NEVER forgets to pray for the boys. All our prayers continue to be with you.

Auntie Lydia

Betty Hansma said...

How cute!
I sure hope you get Benjamin's set, too. :)
Thanks for putting this blog together, guys. It really helps us to know what to pray for. I also have let some people from our church know of it because they all want to know about what kind of things you need prayer for, too.
I hope to be able to see you and your boys again soon.
Take care, Betty