Thursday, March 8, 2007

Thursday, March 8

Kyle is still fighting his infection. He is feisty still though. The nurses told me that he pulled out his ventilator last night. Not a good thing to do! He slept most of the day today. He had some desatting but not as bad as Monday. The nurse put an earmuff on him because he does not like the noise right now. He weighs 658 grams (down 37 from yesterday).

Benjamin is finally feeding again. He is getting 1 ml every 4 hours. He tends to follow Kyle a bit in his desatting- getting into trouble together already. His IV burn is slowly healing and they have reduced the morphine again. He weighs 720 grams (up 35g). Benjamin also got his hand and foot print done today. I didn’t bring it home yet as I wanted to surprise Daddy so I will post a picture tomorrow.

For those of you who don’t know what a PDA (also called a ductus) is, I will try to explain it. It is not a public display of affection:) First of all, PDA is short for patent ductus arteriosus. This is a blood vessel near the heart and lungs that was a normal part of the boy’s circulation in the womb. It’s meant to close a few days after birth and then disappear. But in many premature babies the PDA lingers. It is treated with 3 rounds of medicine and if that doesn’t work then surgery. Kyle & Benjamin have both had one dose of medicine. Kyle’s PDA is open again and they hope to start another round of medicine once he gets over the infection. His PDA is also one of the reasons for his desatting as it can make breathing worse.

I got told that I am starting to sound like a nurse. Scary. We tend to get used to talking the "lingo". If you ever need something explained just ask and I will try to explain it to you. Also, thanks for all the prayers. We really appreciate them. Another big thanks to everyone who is helping us out.


Kaelen's Mama said...

Hi Greta, Gary, Kyle and Benjamin

I'm glad I found your blog. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers daily. Your boys are such amazing little miracles. God is so good. Your strength as parents amazes me, I admire you so much. Thanks for keeping us all up to date, I think Gayle was getting sick of me asking her everyday if I knew how you guys were doing!

Jacqueline Boer

Bill & Joyce Beeke said...

Hi Gary, Greta & boys

Thanks so much for sending us the blog, it's a great way to know what's happening with the boys and what to pray for. You are all in our thoughts and prayers daily.

RW said...

I am a friend of Amy and Gabe - all four of you will be in our prayers!

Anonymous said...

Greta, Gary, Kyle and Benjamin

I'm so glad to be able to access this blog. We think about you all often and you are in our prayers. Many of our friends, family and even co-workers often ask how you are all doing. You should know that there are many people who hold special places for the boys in their hearts and thoughts.

Let us know if you need a place to crash for a night or two, we live much closer to the hospital than you.

I will keep watching for updates and let us know if you need anything.

Your boys are fighters.

Kristine, Geoff and Brett Bateman

Melena Shardlow said...

Hello there!

I too am glad to hear how you are all doing! You guys are amazing! Thinking of you often....your boys are absolutely beautiful and obviously strong fighters! Congratulations on becoming are doing a great job! And you DO sound like a nurse! Thoughts and prayers are with you all! TAKE CARE! Kisses to the little bundles!

Karen said...

Hi Greta, Gary, Kyle and Benjamin.
You don't know me - I am Liz Powers' auntie. You are all in the thoughts and prayers of my family. Your strength amazes me. I just wanted to share with you that we know a young man who was in a horrific accident last year and the family kept everyone updated through a blog as well. It was absolutely amazing to see where the messages were coming from. They were coming from all over the world! Since there is strength in numbers, you can add us to your list of supporters. By the way, the young man is doing great now - in a wheelchair, but making the changes he needs to live out a happy life.