Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tuesday, March 27

Benjamin was quite relaxed today. He was lying on his back with his froggy (a bean bag type bag that goes over his feet). He is now getting 7 ml every 2 hours. He was doing the queen’s wave to us today. He’s very good at it but he was supposed to be going to sleep.

Kyle was lying on his side all curled up. At one point he was holding his foot for a bit. He was doing much better today although he did have to be bagged once. He is at 13 ml every 2 hours, as he now weighs 995 grams.

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Anonymous said...

I hope and pray that you read these comments from time to time and you find solace in what I say. I know how hard it can be and what you meant about the diaper bag in a previous post. My heart breaks for you and I wish that you could be spared this pain but I know now that only very strong parents are chosen for these very special tiny miracles. You both ARE parents and you will get that chance to prove it. It's so hard not to touch and comfort and to watch what is happening to your babies with out being able to do anything and I congratulate you both. You are stronger than you know and you have people who love you that will support you when needed. You both also have eachother and I hope that you remember that. You are in my prayers and thoughts constantly. Love and strength to the both of you. My brother was premature 25 weeker and that was almost 20 years ago. He is a beautiful full grown 6ft now and smart as anything. He even had the pda done and suffers no scar for it