Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday, March 26

Benjamin was doing good today. He was sleeping on his stomach. He really loves his stomach. He is getting fed 5 ml every 2 hours and is starting to gain more weight. He weighs 945 grams (as of tonight, up 40g since yesterday). However, some of this weight may be because he might be retaining fluid.

Kyle was still having sudden dips in his oxygen saturation level. They are trying to get him into Children’s for surgery but need an opening in the NICU there. He doesn’t have an IV anymore as he is getting full feeds now and can’t get anymore. Yeah! No more poking needles for him (for a little bit anyway). He is getting 12 ml every 2 hours- equivalent to 2 full bottles a day. He weighs 915 grams.

Benjamin sucking his thumb.

Benjamin sleeping. What a cutie!

Mommy trying to calm Kyle down as he wasn't very happy.

Kyle playing with his earmuff. Mommy just put it back on & he took it off again. The nursery is very loud sometimes so he will then wear this earmuff.


evelyn van egdom said...

It's so amazing to see them growing bigger and stronger everyday. I'm so very thankful for the progress they've made - Praise the Lord!

I just love the way you are able to read their cues! Seeing the two of you with them and watching how you 'interact' brings tears to my eyes. Don't ever think that what you are doing is somehow insignificant - you are both being the best parents you can be given the circumstances. Benjamin and Kyle KNOW you are there and feel your love - don't doubt that!

In our thoughts and prayers, ALWAYS!


Ramona said...

We have been reading your blog regularly, ever since Deb told me about it.

You and your boys are in our prayers and we trust that our Heavenly Father will continue to keep Kyle and Benjamin in His tender loving care.

As an NICU nurse I have a particular interest in their progress and love reading their blog. (Yes Greta, you do talk the lingo)

It sounds to me, Kyle and Benjamin are very blessed to have you as parents. I know what an emotional rollercoaster this can be and we pray that God will continue to be your strength.

Ramona Bos

Betty Hansma said...

Wow, guys, I can really see on these new pics that they've grown! Your boys are strong little guys. :)

But then, so are you two. You've inspired me with your strength of spirit. Don't forget that God is holding you up and you don't need all that strength on your own. He'll give you what you need if you rely on him. (And we're behind you, too.)

Anonymous said...

Wow!! It's amazing to see your boys growing bigger and stronger - what a miracle!

I just want to encourage you about the upcoming surgery for Kyle at Children's. I'm a mom who has spent quite a bit of time at Children's and let me tell you - it is a wonderful, amazing fantastic place for infants and children who need this kind of health care. Kyle will have the very best care possible, the staff are phenominal.

As alway, we've got all of you covered in our prayers, and we are looking forward to good reports.

Colleen Koop

PS.... Thank you again for this blog - it's better than any movie or TV show - this is incredible! AMEN!

Owen's Mama said...

how heavy are they is pounds and ounces? I don't know how the conversins work.

Kaelen's Mama said...

Greta (and Gary) they are just adorable. You can see from the pictures that they are getting stronger. You are amazing parents. I will continue to pray for you guys. I can't wait to meet these little miracles sometime.