Sunday, March 4, 2007

Sunday, February 18

This is Benjamin. He looks very bruised. The reason why the picture looks blue is because he is sun tanning under the lights for jaundice.

Today we were told the news that Benjamin has a level 4 brain hemorrhage. This is the worst level that he can possibly have. The doctor told us that he probably wouldn’t survive 12 – 48 hours. It’s very hard for us to think that our son is so sick. The doctor also said that if he does survive he would probably have cerebral palsy. He told us that we might have to make a decision of whether to unplug the ventilator if they are just keeping him alive. We told him that as long as there is the chance that he will survive we would not do that. God can work miracles. We went down to see the boys and Benjamin doesn’t look so good because he’s heavily sedated. It’s so hard to see him that way.

The test results also came back for Kyle and showed that he had no hemorrhaging. The doctor was surprised. Thanks be to God. Kyle put his finger in his mouth and was sucking it when we went to see him.

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