Monday, March 5, 2007

Monday, February 19

Kyle just relaxing

Kyle was upset for a bit today because they did an x-ray on him and he doesn’t like x-rays. The nurse called me over to try calm him. I talked to him & “cuddled” him and his blood pressure went down. It’s so sad to see him cry- his face scrunches up and you can tell he’s crying but no noise comes out because of the tubes. Daddy cuddled him after Mommy told Kyle he was going to and Kyle liked it. Sometimes Kyle doesn’t like it when Daddy “cuddles” him and gets upset. But he also gets excited a lot of the time when Daddy touches him or talks to him. Kyle opened his eyes today. We’re really starting to see his personality already. Kyle got a blood transfusion today. They’re hoping the extra hemoglobin might close the arterial heart murmur he has.

Benjamin opened his eyes a bit even though he’s heavily sedated. He is much improved today. His lungs seem to be functioning a little better. He’s not out of the “woods” yet but we’re praying for a miracle. Benjamin got a blood transfusion today because his blood level was low.

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