Thursday, July 2, 2015

some exciting things to share

I haven't updated on here for a bit but have some exciting things to share.  Most of you probably know this since I wanted it to be a see for yourself thing before putting it on facebook or blogger. 

Benjamin has started walking with a "walking stick" meaning one crutch during the last 6 months.  He has been doing SO well.  He still stops when there is a bit of a hill or difference in the concrete etc.  At church he has come a long way.  Last Sunday I was having a meeting in the sanctuary and he was with me and kept walking up and down the aisles without me beside him.  He was doing so good.  We still have to be near him when he's tired since he has a habit of not paying attention or his legs not doing as well.  But he is doing amazing!  He even goes for walks around the block with us and walks with his walking stick the whole way.  Except for Sundays when he's usually pretty super tired- then we need to take a stroller or wheelchair along since when he's done he will just stand there and not move.

During the last few weeks of school he even surprised everyone by walking to the office with just the EA's finger on his back.  I got to see it and it was amazing!!!!  He doesn't do it at home too much- maybe since we don't have long hallways like at school.  Or maybe because there are some things he does at school that he doesn't do at home.  But that's ok.  He has come a long way.

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