Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Variety Boat for Hope

The middle of June we had an amazing opportunity to go on the Variety Boat for Hope as a family.  We drove out to Vancouver and got on a yacht decorated as a pirate ship.  We then went out for an hour & a half.  Through out the boat ride there were 4 stations where we had to fend off pirate ships and their zodiacs with our water guns.  It was quite neat because we all had water guns and had to try get them wet and then they would give us loot.  Benjamin wasn't too sure, but Kyle & Devon absolutely loved it.  It was a cold, wet day so Benjamin might not have liked that.  We came back to the Vancouver yacht club and there was lunch for us as well as a bouncy castle and other things to do.  Since we were back late we didn't get to spend much time there as the places were closing when we were done our lunch.  But that was ok because the boat ride was the main highlight.  The kids came home with bags of loot- sunglasses, water bottles, candy, etc.  It was hard to take pictures since I didn't want the camera getting wet but I did get a few:)

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