Monday, September 16, 2013

July- the Vancouver Aquarium

Late in July, BC Children's wanted Benjamin to stay overnight in the ICU for 2 nights to see if he could be without Bi-Pap at night.  When we got there he was very upset and starting throwing up but eventually calmed down and went to sleep.  Since he only had to sleep there, the next day my mom met us with our other 2 kids and we went to Stanley Park.  Since we have never been to the aquarium before we decided to go there.  It was really neat.  The kids saw lots of fish indoors and then we went to a dolphin show.  Right before the show they had a penguin walk where 2 penguins walked a line right in front of us.  It was really neat since Kyle & Devon have been asking to see real penguins ever since they saw them on Curious George.  Next we went to the sea lion show.  Kyle ended up going inside with Gary since it was a really hot day and he was starting to look hot and dehydrated.  Since it was getting very hot we enjoyed a screamer and then went to the park where the kids played for a while.  Then we went out for dinner with my mom and Devon was so tired he ended up crying that he didn't want to go home with Grandma.  Since we were at a hotel close to the hospital and knew Benjamin was going to go home the next morning we gave Devon an option-  either you go to Grandma's house or you can come with us and sleep in a bed next to us without your blanket.  He chose to go with us.  He was so tired, he fell asleep almost as soon as he hit the bed.  The next morning we went to the hospital and talked to the doctors about Benjamin.  They said he did awesome and could be off Bi-Pap at night as long as he didn't have a cold.  If he catches a cold over winter he would have to go back on it for a bit.  But for the first three weeks he was off it he cried every night for his bi-pap.  Apparently it became a security blanket for him since he wore it for the last two years and before that wore nose prongs on his face.  So he has never slept with nothing on his face.  But then we went camping and ever since then he has been ok without sleeping with bi-pap.

Gary & I went for a walk with Benjamin while waiting for the others to get there.  This was our view:)

Benjamin having fun going through the tunnel at the park

Kyle going down the slide

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