Sunday, September 15, 2013

July- Oyama

In July we also got to go camping in Oyama for five days.  It was awesome weather while we were there and we all enjoyed the water and the company:)  Some of the highlights were the water fights, going to a Kangaroo farm, visiting Oma H., auntie Theresa & uncle Ludwig, driving the lawnmower tractor, swimming in the water, and playing with Oma & Opa and cousins.

enjoying spraying Daddy and Daddy spraying him

holding a kangaroo

holding a baby kangaroo

holding a baby kangaroo

this mama kangaroo had a joey in her pouch that was about 6 months old and had one that was almost ready to be born.  We learnt though that if the one in the pouch isn't ready to leave, she will hold the one back that is ready to be born and will not give birth until the one is ready to leave the pouch
driving the lawnmower with auntie Theresa
Kyle driving the lawnmower with auntie Theresa
my Oma- 2 Greta's
big story for uncle Ben
what a hunk!

sad because I got into trouble for getting into Mommy's makeup

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