Tuesday, August 6, 2013


In May I went to a mother's day tea at school.  When I got there Kyle was quite worried about how I'd fit 2 corsages on my shirt but I assured him that there was room.  They sang some songs for us and recited memory work and then we had a delicious lunch:)

 Then at the end of May, Benjamin and Kyle had a field trip to Harrison.  Even though it was cold when we left in the morning it sure warmed up!!  The boys had a blast.  Kyle went in the water to fill up his pail with water to make a sand castle.  But every time he went in the water he went a little deeper.  By the end he was soaked up to his waist.  Thankfully I had thought ahead, knowing my boys, and brought extra clothes.

Kyle walking hand in hand with one of his good friends

busy building his sandcastle

Benjamin having fun doing bubbles and getting Mrs. G. all wet

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