Thursday, April 12, 2012

About 2 weeks ago now Benjamin broke his femur. He was standing by the front door with his orthotics on with the nurse right behind him when his legs buckled. He twisted to the side and the nurse caught him before he hit the floor but he kept saying "owie, owie" and screaming. So I got home from picking up Kyle at preschool and she came running out and told me not to take the kids out of the van that we had to go to the ER because Benjamin was hurt. We figured out where he hurt and got the 2 other boys to Grandmas house and then carried Benjamin to the van together and brought him to the ER. When we got there, Benjamin just kept saying "hi" to all the nurses and doctors so I assured them there really was something wrong with him- he just has a very high pain tolerance. When the doctor came to see him I explained what happened and that we weren't sure what he did but thought it was on the left leg. He started squeezing each leg up the leg and got to just above the knee and then Benjamin started screaming!! We went to x-ray and found out that he had a hairline fracture on his femur with a 30 degree angle. So he got casted from hip to toe and is in it for 4-8 weeks. Right now his pain is tolerable but he is not sleeping. He usually sleeps from 7pm- 8am and then naps from 1-3pm but right now he goes to bed around 7/7:30 and whines most of the night. And his naps are about 15-20 minutes and then he starts whining too. We're not sure what this is from since he doesn't seem to be in pain during the day. But we're all a tad bit tired over here from this.

On a more positive note we enjoyed the few days of sun we had- going for walks, playing in the backyard, mowing the lawn, weeding all the flower beds, and biking on the front driveway.

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear..poor Benjamin. Hope the healing goes quickly and the big cast is off very soon. Happy resting :)