Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Benjamin is doing good today although he is miserable. He is still at the lower pressures and they have now weaned down his oxygen to 35%. But this afternoon when Gary went to visit him he was very listless and didn't smile at all. When I went to put Kyle & Devon to bed, Kyle wanted to phone Daddy to say goodnight. So we got a hold of Daddy and Kyle & Devon both got to say goodnight to him. I then took the phone back and was talking to Gary when Kyle said "I want to say goodnight to Benjamin too!" So Gary put the phone by Benjamin's ear and as soon as Kyle started talking Benjamin had a smile for the first time today. There is such a special bond between those two even though they don't always show it. But now Benjamin is back to listless and the doctors are starting to wonder if there is something else wrong. They checked his j-tube placement and that is ok so now they are checking into whether he is constipated. I hope this is the case because then it is just a quick fix.

When Kyle went to bed he also told me that he wanted to give Benjamin a hug & kiss goodnight too. Poor guy, he misses Benjamin SO much!! He still hasn't fallen asleep yet which makes me wonder if he can feel Benjamin's pain somehow.

I just got a picture from a medical student that came along in the helicopter. I thought I'd show it to you.


Anonymous said...

carveJust want to say that I think of you all and pray for you, that God will give you all you need for each day.

With Christian love,

MichelleP said...

Awesome pic, lol!!!! Take care, B!! Praying for you every day!!!

Anonymous said...

Aw, poor little guy has been through so much in his life!! Prayers for a quick recovery & strength for all of you.
Trish Anker