Friday, January 27, 2012

Tuesday night Benjamin came down with a fever and by Wednesday it was a full blown cold. We phoned his pediatrician and went in to see him but by the time we saw him Benjamin was doing much better. So he listened to his chest and said that he seemed ok and could he come to our house that afternoon to check on him again. He came over that afternoon and Benjamin was still doing good. He played ball with him for a little bit and assessed him and decided that he would come by in the morning again and told us to phone him anytime if we were concerned or meet him at the ER. Benjamin did get a bit worse that night but we still weren't concerned. By the next morning he was on 4L of oxygen and slowly going downhill. We called the doctor to see if we could give more ventolin since Benjamin's heart rate was already elevated. He gave the ok and said he'd come over a bit later since he was on his way to a c-section. He came that afternoon, listened to him and decided to phone Childrens to have a chat with Dr. Denny (a doctor from the ICU who is following Benjamin). It was decided that Benjamin would go out to Childrens as he was slowly getting worse. We were asked if we felt comfortable driving him but since it is a 2 hour trip I said that we were uncomfortable with that as a lot can happen in 2 hours and we were reaching his downhill time of day. So we met the doctor at the Chilliwack ER and they decided to helicopter us out. Gary went with while I stayed home with the other 2 boys since it didn't seem like Benjamin was in critical danger. We had the same Infant Transport Team person as almost a year ago. He told us that he had spent the last year trying to forget about Benjamin and what happened in the OR and on the flight almost a year ago. He was thankful to see him looking much better this time. Gary & Benjamin flew out to Childrens and Benjamin did go a bit downhill in the helicopter so we were thankful we decided not to drive him.

This morning he slowly went downhill again and they decided to put him on bi-pap full-time since he was working too hard to breathe with the noseprongs. Then late morning they decided to trial him for 10 minutes off the bi-pap but had to stop the trial since Benjamin was not handling it. This afternoon we had to weigh him since a lot of the medications are based on weight and he hadn’t been weighed in a month or so. We unhooked him from his feed etc., took him out of bed, weighed him, and put him back in bed. He was exhausted just from that. He is definitely weak but he still says hi to us and tries to smile at us. Early evening they decided to switch him to a different bi-pap machine that controls the oxygenation a little more accurately. The one he was on is his home bi-pap and they had the oxygen hooked up at 12L to it but his one goes by percentage and is a little more accurate. So now he is on that one and is at 45 % oxygen (21% oxygen is room air to give you an idea of what that means). Hopefully tonight is a good night and he doesn’t go further downhill. We are praying that he has reached his peak and will slowly start getting better. They have done testing and it is just the common cold and not RSV or whooping cough thankfully. But it is still affecting him quite hard. But then it has been a nasty cold for Kyle, Devon & myself as well so I can see why it would affect Benjamin this way.

We are praying that Benjamin will not have to stay in the hospital a long time and that he may be able to come home soon. It is hard for us as all the emotions from last year come rushing back. But we pray that God will give us the strength to get through this trial as well.

Please pray for strength for us as Gary is running on little sleep and Kyle, Devon, & myself still aren’t feeling 100% and Devon and I are running on very little sleep. I’m praying Devon sleeps tonight as last night he cried till 3 am and then I woke up at 6am.

I’ll try to keep you updated as I can.

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