Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Yes, I've been MIA for some time. Sorry about that! Every time I've sat down to post I just haven't had the words.

Here's what's been happening in our lives the last bit.

The beginning of November we went to OK Falls with my mom for a family vacation. It was great to get away from the busyness of life and just spend time as a family. We basically just read books, went for {cold} walks and played games. It was a very relaxing vacation.

Benjamin has been having a lot of seizures lately. Although they still haven't figured out if they are seizures since he hasn't had one on an EEG yet. We are still waiting for a portable EEG to figure out if they are seizures or if they are spasms related to his CP. But he has been very happy lately even through all these seizures. He's been talking a lot now too. Even though I can't understand him it's very cute. If you've ever played Mad Gab that is how Benjamin talks. Whachadoingda is one of the things he says now. We were at a gas station on the way to Childrens and Gary was pumping gas and Benjamin kept saying this over and over until I finally figured out that he was asking what Daddy was doing. I told him that Daddy was putting gas in the van and he was quite happy that I finally understood him. Then when Gary got in the van, Benjamin asked "wherewegoin." He says it really fast and slurs it altogether so it's quite interesting. He also loves to talk on the phone. Most people can't understand much of what he says but the gist is "hi, something I don't understand, and then bye"

Kyle is really enjoying preschool. It has been so good for him. He can now count to 20. He can write 1,2,3. He is learning the alphabet right now as well. He is very tired and irritable when he comes home though. Definitely still needs that nap. He loves to play ball with Devon or Benjamin, play with his cars, or go to his bedroom for some peace & quiet and read books or play with his car mat.

Devon is quite the character. He copies everything we say or do!! And he loves to talk!! I think one of his favorite sentences is "mommy, cookie?" He loves cookies. And if I say "no" he will ask & ask again. He is also starting to love music. He will try to sing along with the radio in the van and it is so cute! The other day I heard "gloooorrrrriiiiiiiiiaaaa" in the back seat from him. He loves to talk on the phone too. He also loves to point out all his aunts and uncles. A few of them he can't say yet but most of them he knows. Thankfully he's not copying Kyle in calling auntie Alice "Assa" or uncle Tim "Pimp" but actually calls them "Alliice" & "Tim"

That's all for now since I can't really think of anything else.

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