Friday, October 14, 2011

Many Blessings

This past week there have been so many blessings and so many things to be thankful for:

1. Benjamin came down with a nasty cold last Friday and we thought he'd end up in the ICU or PICU because of it. The rest of our family had it the week before and some still had it and it was definitely a cold I didn't want Benjamin to get. Especially because he just seems to be getting stronger. So off to the ER we went on Friday to get him checked out. The pediatrician prescribed antibiotics and steroids and we were to come back the next day. We ended up going every day until Tuesday and now he is slowly getting better. He is still on the oxygen but we were thankful that it wasn't worse. Every cold he gets right now reminds me of February-May when he was so sick and almost didn't make it. We are thankful that wasn't the case this time and that he could join us for Thanksgiving Dinner.

2. Thanksgiving reminded me of how thankful I am that Benjamin is still with our family. 8 months ago we thought we'd be celebrating all our holidays without our Benjamin. What a thought to think of how far he has come since then. Thank you God for saving our boy!

3. Sunday night I was cutting ice cream cake when I dropped the knife. It slid off the counter and onto the floor where Devon was standing. Thankfully it landed on my toe and not on Devon. When it dropped to the floor I immediately checked Devon for any cuts and when I realized he was fine, I felt my toe. YOUCH!!! I had cut my big toe and since I couldn't get the bleeding to stop for 1/2 hour I headed off to the ER where I needed 4 stitches. It's starting to feel better and I can walk a little better but you'll still see me in flip flops for now since I can't put a shoe on. I'm just thankful it didn't land on Devon's head!!! Now Kyle reminds me every day that "Lady girls aren't supposed to cut their feet with big sharp knifes." Thanks for the reminder son;)

4. I am thankful for my husband who works during the day and then has been getting up for our boys at night. Since it's hard for me to get in & out of bed right now fast enough and I need my sleep or I'm a little grouchy, Gary has been getting up for the boys 6-7 times a night this past week. Since Benjamin is sick, his alarm on his bi-pap beeps a lot or his G/J tube needs to be vented because he has too much air in his stomach. And now Devon is sporting a double ear infection so he hasn't been sleeping much either. Thank you Gary!

5. I'm thankful for the sunshine today!! It brightens up my day:)

Thank you God for our many blessings!

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