Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hmmm….what to write?? This summer has been relatively relaxing. We decided not to go away anywhere this summer due to Benjamin’s health. So Gary has been taking a few days off here and there and then we’d go to the beach for the day or afternoon. I’ve enjoyed doing this but am definitely looking forward to hopefully going camping next year again. But it has been great to work around the house on a few projects and pack up & go to the beach for an outing too.

This past week I’ve been a bit discouraged. We started weaning Benjamin off one of his seizure meds a couple weeks ago because it is a drug that can affect the eyes and the risk goes up each day he’s on this drug. Since he’s been on this drug for about 2 ½ years already we wanted to try get him off it. But this past week I noticed Benjamin having seizure like activity but it was different than his previous seizures. Plus he mostly did it when he was eating. So I phoned the pediatrician and talked to him about it. I took a video of it, put it on a blog I have set up for the doctors so they could see it and everyone who looked at it thought it was a seizure since his muscles spasm a lot. Next week he goes for an EEG and then we will have to decide from there which course to take. It’s just a bit discouraging because we though we’d have no problems weaning him off this drug since we didn’t think it was controlling the seizures anyway. He also had some mood issues this week but they seem to be getting better. I think that they are from having the seizures or from weaning off the medication.

Kyle started preschool again this week. He has really enjoyed the first couple days. It’s great to see him enjoy going there. He doesn’t tell me much about it but he’s always asking when he can go back to preschool so I know he enjoys it. Kyle has been really enjoying taking a book and going to his bedroom to read it in peace. He loves to have some time to himself and I’ll often find him in his bedroom reading a book.

Devon’s learning to climb on everything!! The other day I found him sitting in the middle of the kitchen table and then yesterday I was boiling syringes and left the pan on the stove to do some other stuff when I heard a scream. I ran there and he had a chair by the stove and had put his little fingers on the element. Thankfully they weren’t too burnt since after I put them under cold water I couldn’t tell. I’m just thankful that he didn’t pull the whole pan of boiling water on himself. He also loves his older brothers. When Kyle was at preschool Benjamin and Devon were playing together and all of a sudden I saw Devon backing up and sitting right in Benjamin’s lap. And then Benjamin was giving him lots of hugs. It was quite cute!!

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hope this is a good week to come :)