Monday, August 1, 2011

Last Friday Benjamin went on a sleepover to Grandma & Grandpa K. Since he doesn’t like the heat very much or crowds we decided to take the other two to Harrison Lake. It was beautiful. We left at around 3ish and it was sunny & warm over there. Since it had been raining & cloudy in the morning there weren’t many people there. So we basically had part of the beach to ourselves.

Kyle & Devon had a blast!!! Kyle wasn’t scared of the water this time and was a bit braver about going in. He had fun splashing us as well! Devon crawled back and forth from the water to the sand toys and was covered from head to toe in sand.

We took a bbq along and bbqed some hamburgers for dinner. Then we had some watermelon. And then we went for a walk along the lake and got some icecream. Kyle had a bit and then didn’t want it anymore but Devon finished his entire cone!! He loves ice cream:)

Enjoying the water

Playing in the sand by mom & dad until...

I decided to go to the water too

Covered in sand!!

Enjoying dinner:)

First time having watermelon

Mmm... delicious ice cream

A beautiful hanging basket I want to try making next year

Loved the look of this planter so I want to try copying this too

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Barb Delviken said...

LOVE the pics - So HAPPY you all had a GREAT time at the beach. How is Benjamin doing? Give the boys a HUGE Hug for me :)