Monday, July 4, 2011

These past few weeks we have been busy renovating our bedroom. I didn’t really take before pictures but I’ll try & post some after pictures once it’s done. We ripped the baseboards off, painted the walls, painted new baseboards & trim. We are also putting a bifold door on our closet and getting a new bedroom door since our door is very old and peeling no matter what I try. We also got a pax wardrobe and new bed frame with storage. Since our closet is the size of a doorway we have always struggled with storage. Now that we’ve been married for 8 years we figured it was time we work on our bedroom. We painted the walls a grey & our new bedding is black, white & grey. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished room.

I’ve also come across a couple decorating ideas and want to try them out for our house. Hopefully I can get Devon back upstairs in his room sometime soon and then I can paint etc downstairs while the boys are all napping. Right now with Benjamin & Kyle napping upstairs & Devon downstairs it’s hard to find a place to work quietly while they’re napping.

I’ll try to post some pictures once I’m done:)

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Michelle Vandepol said...

sounds great! can't wait to see the pics