Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thought I’d let you know how it’s all going….

Benjamin has been home since Monday now and it all seems to be going ok. He definitely doesn’t have the energy that he used to. He is able to sit up on his own now but tires very quickly and I’ll often find him just laying on the floor playing with his toys. He is bum scooting again but definitely not as fast as he used to. Yesterday we went outside on the deck for a while to enjoy the sun. I think he thought it was very bright since he kept sitting there squinting. He did enjoy it though. I think he has to get used to going for a nap as he has been crying every time I put him down for a nap. This could be because he spent a lot of time in his bed in the hospital so maybe he thinks I’ll leave him in there.

Nights have been going ok. I’m still not sleeping ever since he came home. I just need to get used to him being on the bi-pap and trusting that the machine won’t malfunction etc. The worst is trying to get the bi-pap mask on him in the dark. His feeds need to be adjusted so he doesn’t eat while he’s sleeping and since he’s not allowed on bi-pap while eating, we have to put the bi-pap on at 9pm at night. But I think his feeds are almost adjusted so he only eats at breakfast, lunch & dinner. Then we need to work on the rate of the feed since it takes an hour. It’s a little too long for Benjamin as he doesn’t like to just sit there.

We are very happy to have him home:) It’s a big adjustment for all of us right now as we’re trying to figure out a routine and trying to adjust his feeds. But it’s definitely beats driving to the hospital to visit him.

Please pray for strength for us as we adjust to a new normal.


Kathy VanMuyen said...

We will definitely continue to pray for you guys! So happy that your new normal can be at home now!

Barb Delviken said...


Glad to hear your first couple of days at home are going well.
How is Kyle doing since Benjamin came home? I hope Benjamin's arrival home has ended the nightmares he was having.
I will continue to pray for Benjamin and for Strength, Peace of Mind and Sleep for you.

Hugs to you all :)

Daleste & Blair said...

So Glad things are getting will have a routine down in no time! What amounts of feeds is he on...we have trouble trying to figure out Haydens to fit into his daycare schedule too!

Eileen said...

Like toddlers we take a few small steps forward each day and try to relish the moments. By focusing on one day at a time,eventually we can look back and we are amazed at how far we've come on this bumpy road.(Jan Markell)This was in my Mother's Daily Prayer book today and I thought I'd pass it on to you. I bet everyone is happy to have Benjamin home.Love, prayers and hugs, Eileen and Doug