Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This morning Benjamin got extubated and got put on bi-pap. He is doing well with it but we won’t know for the next 48-72 hours whether he’ll be able to tolerate it for a long stretch of time. Right now his saturations are running at 95-97% which is great. He was not able to tolerate just the nose mask as he kept opening his mouth to talk and then all the pressure would just escape out his mouth. That doesn’t surprise us much since he is a Kanis;) So they did the nose & mouth mask, which looks huge on his face. The poor guy has this huge mask taking up most of his face and I noticed that when he didn’t have his glasses on he couldn’t keep his eyes open because the air would blow in them. Kyle came along to the hospital today since he had to go there to get his eyes checked out. Since he still has a bit of a cold he had to gown up, wear gloves and a mask that covered most of his face. Benjamin & him kept patting each other and holding hands. It was quite cute. Then they watched a car show on Treehouse and I was trying to take pictures but they were both getting irritated with me since I was standing in front of their show;) I then went with Kyle to his appointment where we did a lot of waiting even though they had said we could go visit Benjamin for a ½ hour. And I found out that Kyle’s glasses prescription needs to be changed again! And now I’m supposed to try patching the left eye for 4 hours a day to see if it makes a difference to the sight in his right eye. We will see how that goes. Anyway I then went back to visit with Benjamin while Kyle went upstairs to the playroom with Grandma. Benjamin was really hyper probably because he finally got the tube out of his mouth. Hopefully he calms down a bit and has a good sleep tonight so he doesn’t tire himself out. Please pray that Benjamin does well on the bi-pap and doesn’t end up needing a trach vent.


Barb Delviken said...


Glad to hear Benjamin got extubated. I will Pray that Benjamin does well on the bi-pap.

Praying also for Benjamin to get well enough to come home so you can all resume FAMILY Life again.

Thanks for posting and being the best mommy to your boys :)

God Bless you All

Anonymous said...

LOL!!!! Sorry, I just had to laugh about the mask!!! I would have said the same thing about my kid (except his mbeing a Pronk!!!) Sounds like you had a good visit today, glad things are going well with BK...good luck with the eye patch :) MPronkFamily

Tim and Alice said...

yay for Benjamin!
a big step for him! PTL!
hoping and praying he tolerates the bi-pap well. He sure is a fighter. Incredible how far he's come already. PTL again!

T & A

Eileen said...

WE will definately keep praying for Benjamin. Another big step but also the waiting.... Benjaming we are praying that another baby step will be made. Keep up the fight. Hugs and love, Eileen and Doug Gunn

Daleste & Blair said...

This is great news. We will be thinking of you guys!
Daleste Blair and Hayden