Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tonight marks 6 weeks since Benjamin was flown out to Children’s from ARH! When I look at the past 6 weeks I’m not sure how I made it through them. Just thinking back to him being flown out and us being told to both go in the Helicopter because he probably wouldn’t make the flight to Children’s makes me all teary-eyed. When I think of how far he’s come in these 6 weeks, I’m amazed at God’s grace.

Tonight (and always but especially tonight) I’m missing my little boy. I think of how quiet the house is without him. And all the specialness he brings to our lives. Each of our boys is special in a different way but I’m always amazed at the joy & zest Benjamin has for life even through all his trials. I think of a picture that the nurses took at the hospital of Benjamin smiling with his impish little grin while on a ventilator. I don’t know if I’d be able to do that.

Yesterday before I went to visit Benjamin the nurses had him up in a wheelchair. They propped his ventilator up with pillows and put a table with a toy piano in front of him so that he could play. He did this for about 2 hours and then tired out. Of course that was the point that I came to visit so he slept through my entire visit. I’m hoping that tomorrow he’ll have a bit more energy when I go see him. I really want to see him playing like that. If he is, I want to capture it on video.

Overall Benjamin is doing pretty well. He’s still on the ventilator but his bpm (breaths per minute) setting on the ventilator is down to 8 now; his peep is still at 7; and his O2 is at 40%. I know that you probably don’t understand all this but I like to be able to go back and see how much progress he’s made in a week so I’m writing it anyway;) They’ve been trying him on the pressure assisted setting on the ventilator for a couple hours at a time to see how he does on it. So far he’s been tolerating 2 hours. They want to get him to a point where he does it for 48 hours without tiring out and then they will think about extubating him and putting him on CPAP or BI-PAP.

This morning Kyle asked if Benjamin could play cars with him. This is a very loaded question for Kyle as he doesn’t usually like to share his cars with Benjamin. I said that Benjamin was still very sick and in the hospital. To which Kyle replied “Benjamin get better. Benjamin come home already!” I told Kyle that Mommy wants Benjamin to come home already too but that Benjamin is still very sick and has to get better at the hospital yet. I agree with his sentiments exactly. Six weeks has been long enough! I would love to have my little boy home again!


Tim and Alice said...

still praying for all of you...
praying for full recovery for B and that you can all be at home together soon.

Evelyn van Egdom said...

Continuing to pray for complete healing for Benjamin and peace & strength for you & Gary. Your strength continues to amaze me (and I don't mean that in a bad way ;)) When we were there on Saturday it really hit me how real this is for you guys. {hugs} Ev

Daleste & Blair said...

Sounds like he is doing a little better day by day! Time sure does fly but it is great to reflect back and see the progress. We always wonder how we make it through situations that we do...but we do it because it isn't a choice it is given to us to handle an when we look back at it...it's such an accomplishment!
Get Better and we hope you get home soon too! Daleste Blair & Hayden

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work, Benjamin...we're all praying for you and your family!!! Play a tune for your Mama tomorrow, and get better fast! M Pronk Family

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all every day .We too hope that he may be home soon with his family. Wishing you all the Lords strength from day to day .And very thankful to Him for what He has done in Benjamin's life in these past 6 weeks .Hugs from us out of Sicamous ,Dad and Eleanore

Eileen said...

Even though we are on holidays; Doug and I still check for Benjamins progress. We really do understand just how important those baby steps are. It is truly amazing just how much fight and strength our children have. You as parents also have amazing strength, much more than you know. Love,hugs and prayers for all, Eileen and Doug Gunn

Barb Delviken said...

GREAT to hear Benjamin is doing so much better :)
I continue to pray for strength for both you and Gary and for strength and healing for Benjamin.

I too really MISS Benjamin - his grin, his spunk and his happy go lucky personality.
Greta, next time you see Benjamin can you tell him I Love him and I MISS him and can you give him a Lil kiss from me. THANKS :)

Brenny said...

So good to hear he is doing better! I'm checking your blog from time to time, to see how he does.

Hang in there!

All the best,
Brenny Hansma
The Netherlands