Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Last night I went to choir again:) We sang a song that really touched me last night and explains exactly all the emotions that I'm feeling these days.

He Gives Me Peace

Sometimes the trials of life seem hard to bear,
Sometimes the music of my soul grows dim.
In times like these my faith grows weak
I long to hear the Savior speak.
Where are you, Father, where are you?
You have promised you would always be near.
Then I hear Your voice deep within my soul,
Saying, "Child, my child, I am here!"
Peace, peace, my Savior gives me peace
When I'm crushed by the weight of my storm.
His precious hand will guide me,
and He will safely hide me in the shelter of His loving arms.
Peace, peace, how I love His perfect peace.
As I trust Him, I've no need to fear.
In my Father's hands I can rest, for He knows what is best for me.
Peace, He gives me peace
In my Father's hands I can rest, for He knows what is best for me.
Peace, He gives me peace.
Peace, He gives me peace.


Anonymous said...

Yes this song must have touch you in the trails you both are going thru when I read this. Our faith in the Lord is sure tested when we are going through hardship in our life. Often there are many questions for which we are seeking an answer WHY LORD .? It's been over a month now and still the battle is going on in Benjamin's life. Many prayers have been made on his behalf. Yet we know we can trust the Lord in whatever He does. We are His possesion and He bought us with a price by going to the cross. Yes than there is nothing to fear for as this song puts it we are in His loving arms. He will guide us also when the billows roll over us .He is watching over us and our children . THANK YOU LORD JESUS !!!! Love Dad and Eleanore

Eileen said...

This is a beautiful song. Love,prayers and hugs for all.
Eileen and Doug