Saturday, March 12, 2011

I haven’t really known what to write the last few days as everything was staying pretty much the same. They’ve been trying to turn down the pressures on the oscillating ventilator by 1 every day but only ended up going down by 2 over 6 days. All in all, every change right now has been pretty minute.

Yesterday Meaghan & Kyle came along with me to see Benjamin. We went in to see Benjamin and Kyle stayed for about 5 minutes. Then I showed Meaghan & Kyle the playroom upstairs and Meaghan played with Kyle while I sat with Benjamin. We then had a late lunch and Kyle wanted to see Benjamin again. So we went back in. While we were washing our hands Kyle asked for his picture to be taken with Benjamin so I sent Meaghan back to the locker to get the camera. She still almost beat us at washing hands since it takes a while to wash Kyle’s hands and then mine. We went over to Benjamin and Kyle wanted to sit on the bed. So I took off his shoes and let him. He then put Benjamin’s boots (resting splints) on himself, laid right beside Benjamin and wanted the blanket on both of them. We noticed that Benjamin’s saturations went up from 92 to 95. So he definitely noticed that Kyle was there. A huge thank you to Meaghan for coming with me and playing with Kyle so I could still have some one on one time with Benjamin. Kyle definitely enjoyed the whole outing- getting to see Benjamin and also playing doctor in the toy room. Who knows?- maybe he’ll become a doctor or a nurse one day! He sure knows enough for a 4 year old.

Yesterday I also received a very special blanket for Benjamin from Michelle!! It is so beautiful. Thank you so much Michelle!! I still have to iron his name on it so I can take it to the hospital for him.

This morning I phoned to see how Benjamin was doing and the nurse told me that he is on the conventional ventilator. Wow!! They had told me that they were going to do a bag test today to see if he was ready for the conventional ventilator but I didn’t think it would work. Grandma & Grandpa K went to the hospital to visit for a couple hours while we spent time with our other boys. We hope to go there tomorrow and I’m hoping he’ll still be on the conventional ventilator and that just maybe he’ll be good enough that they’ll let me hold him.


Tim and Alice said...

thanks for another update! love LOVE the pictures...brings a smile to my face :)

xoxo Benjamin! still praying.
Auntie Ali & Uncle Tim

Anonymous said...

Great to hear the boys could spend some one on one time! Also to hear another update!
Still Praying

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the update .Glad to see the pictures of the boys and that Benjamin is taking steps forward. WE hope and pray that this may continue ,and that soon he may be home again.Have a Blessed Lords day and hugs from all of us . love Dad and Eleanore

Daleste & Blair said...

Hoping Benjamin keeps taking those small steps forward. Glad that you also got to spend some time with your other boys.
Love the pictures too!

Anonymous said...

Great Pictures!
GLAD to hear that Benjamin is improving- slowly but surely :)
I will continue to Pray for Benjamin, I really MISS him.
Hugs to ALL.

Barb Delviken