Friday, February 25, 2011

To answer Alice's question "Is he still on life support?"

Yes, he is. The oscillating ventilator is doing all the work for him. The only thing that his lungs are doing right now is the gas exchange. What this means is that his lungs get rid of the carbon dioxide. But the machine is doing the inhalation for him. His lungs are also absorbing the oxygen.

Right now we just went to visit him and he has a fever of 39.2. So now they are doing a bunch of cultures to see why he has a fever. He is still so sick and another infection on top of what he already has would be very serious.


Tim and Alice said...

praying the tests come back as okay. Benjamin's a fighter...we are cheering him on. (love you, B)

Auntie Ali & Uncle Tim

Pauline said...

Thanks for all the updates. Thinking about you all & praying for strength, healing & patience.

Pauline & Jim Greendyk

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear that he has another infection. We are praying that the tests come back negative for infection and that his fever goes down.
Keep fighting Benjamin! Try and stay positive Greta and Gary! Praying for extra strength and courage for you both!

Anonymous said...

Still praying! That you have the strength to continue in this battle. That just brought to mind, Onward Christian Soliders, we still know God is in control.
Frank and Mel

Barb Delviken said...

Believing and Trusting in our Awesome God who Loves and Treasures his Children.

May the mighty hand of Jesus Heal Benjamin and Comfort and Soothe you all through this difficult time.

Thinking and Praying for you all often.

I MISS You Benjamin ~ Hugs are Prayers are sent your way.

Melissa Kendzierski said...

Praying for your Family all the time!